November 30, 2016



The steel industry has recorded high growth rates in both production and consumption over the past few years; as a result, demand for bulk commodities and steel-making raw materials has risen dramatically.

With this aspect, ABM STEEL UK LTD. is a fast growing international company, with it’s stable and expanding business volume. Our role has always been to find out the best possible options for steel demands concerning the time, the quality and of course the price. We always serve with the knowledge of 3 cornerstones in steel; price, quality and delivery.

We believe in the importance of responding to market needs rather than trying to shape them. ABM STEEL UK LTD’s ability to do so rests on the strength of the partnerships we build and the passionate interest that we take in steel business. In the determined global aspect of steel industry, ABM STEEL UK LTD. has taken it’s place with the benefits of our well deserved experiences.

We are proud to be your dependable, straight forward and long term business partner in steel.